Pedigree Puppies For Sale

Are you looking for a pedigree dog that is healthy, friendly and well-adjusted for your family?

We are a family passionate about animals, and all our dogs are loved and looked after by us on our 20 acre farm 25km North-East of Canberra. Our farm is a great place for dogs with plenty of room to run around, dams to swim in and lots of fresh air.

Our puppies are healthy, well handled & socialised, intelligent and very easy to train. They are temperamentally sound, which is an important trait for family dogs. All our breeding stock are hip and elbow scored and are genetically tested for PRA.

6 beautiful black puppies born 4/10/2012

Sammy gave birth to 6 healthy pups in the early hours of Thursday 4/10/2012. All are black with 3 girls & 3 boys. There is 1 boy still looking for a forever home so be quick if you are interested. - designed and maintained by in2itive and Motto Media & Communications - XHTML 1.0 - CSS